AOER 10th Weekend of Clout

Great fun at the Archers of East Riding Clout Weekend. A lot of laughs and great company. A good turn out for The Longbow Club – Steve and Alison Williams, Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles, Lord Ian Stowell and Jason Lynch.

Day 1

An Imperial round today, supposed to be a light wind but it was surprisingly tricky for everyone.
We nearly had a clean sweep for longbows! Alison was 1st Lady; Katrina was 2nd Lady; Ian was 1st Gent and Steve was 2nd Gent. And a longbow archer, (Hamish Freeman), won Best Clout!
Weather forecast not so good for tomorrow’s Metric – a bit of rain and stronger winds – back to normal!

Day 2

Well we thought yesterday was a tricky wind at the Archers of East Riding Clout Weekend – that was before today’s howling gale! Judge said you could tell how bad it was when 9 archers were “blown off the line”, 5 of them on one end!

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow, Alison Williams was 2nd Lady Longbow and Ian Stowell was 1st Gent Longbow. Katrina Horton and Chris Eccles won the Jack and Jill award.

A huge thank you to Archers of East Riding for such a special weekend, maybe drop the wind next year and order some sunshine, but other than that a great weekend was had by all.


1st Mercia Archers Clout

Good fun at Mercia Archers for their first clout competition at Gresley Old Hall. Just Alison and Steve Williams and Lord Ian Stowell, there today. Ian was 2nd Gents Longbow and Steve and Alison got 2 prizes in the raffle.


Cheshire Metric Clout

A brilliant day at the Cheshire Metric Clout. A great turnout for The Longbow Club, probably our biggest team ever – Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles, Steve and Alison Willaims, Graham and Dylan Higgs, Jason and Gabe Powell, Ian Stowell, Phil Wain, Keith Ledson, Jason Lynch and Mike O’Sullivan.

Gabe and Dylan both won 1st place for Junior Longbow at their distances; Katrina was 3rd Lady Longbow; Ian was 2nd Gent Longbow; Chris was 3rd Gent Longbow; Jason Powell got his Red Tassel; Gabe got his Black Tassel; Jason Lynch got his Black Tassle, his first ever tassel; Keith, in his 1st clout, was just a few points off his 1st Tassel and Phil got a PB.
Katrina and Alison both shot GMB scores which was fantastic as it meant we just retained the Longbow Team Award. It was very close, especially as Tracy Cross-Hargreaves from Goldcrest Archers smashed the Cheshire County record with a score only 4 or 5 off the UK National Record! Just shows how strong longbow archery is in Cheshire!


New British Target Record!

Huge congratulations to one of our clubs associate junior members – Dan Moreton. He has just smashed the British record this weekend at the Blackpool shoot for a Metric II. The score to beat was 519 and his score was 555 we are all very proud of him – keep it up Dan!

Dan Moreton
New British Record


Coppell Cup 2019

Congratulations to all the members attending the Coppell Cup today, in memory of our fellow archer Brian Coppell. The day started chilly but the sun eventually showed itself.

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady shooting the York round, Ian Stowell was 1st Gent shooting the York round, Jason Lynch was 1st Gent shooting his first ever Hereford round. Dylan Higgs was first Junior shooting Bristol lll and Gabe Powell was first Junior shooting Bristol IV round and Mike O’Sullivan won the cabbage for the most greens.


Yorkshire Clout Championships

Great weekend at Driffield for the Yorkshire Clout and Championships Metric round today. Beautiful weather and lovely company. Alison Williams was 2nd Lady Longbow with an MB score, Ian Stowell was 1st Gent Longbow with a GMB score and Chris Eccles was 3rd Gent Longbow.

An Imperial today and although it was beautifully sunny there was a very tricky wind. It was brilliant fun with wonderful company and a lot of laughs and an alpaca!

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow Visitor and Ian Stowell was 1st Gent Longbow Visitor. Elaine Jobson won the Lady’s Best Clout with her Longbow, beating the compounds, recurves and barebows.


York Spring Clout

Great day at the first ever York Spring Clout at Hopgrove Sports Field. The weather though reasonable, was cold and the wind was very tricky.

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow.


Cheshire Trials 2019

A great day out at the Cheshire County Trials, Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow, Alison Williams 2nd Lady Longbow and Ian Stowell was 3rd Gent Longbow.

The Cheshire Longbow Team for the Tri-Corner Match will be Alison Williams, Mike Christison and Ruth Breeze.

The Cheshire Longbow Team for the Three Counties Match will be Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles and Steve Watts.


Spinners Mill Portsmouth

A great day at Spinners Mill for their Portsmouth tournament. A lovely venue, set in the heritage site of Leigh Spinners Mill, one of the largest cotton spinning mills in Greater Manchester, a grade 2 listed building that is still partly in use as a manufacturing mill.

The Longbow Club was out again looking for silverware and they did not disappoint with Katrina Horton taking 1st Lady Longbow, Ian Stowell 1st Gent Longbow and Chris Eccles 2nd Gent Longbow.


Cheshire Winter League

February results:

New Century 'A'   vThe Longbow Club 'A'   
Ruth Breeze197303Ian Stowell2693013
Peter Barton134281Steve Williams227303
The Longbow Club 'B'   vWirral Longbow   
Phil Wain201303Dan Moreton151271
Katrina Horton190293No second archer
The Longbow Club 'C'   vNorth Cheshire 'B'   
Mike Christison190271Hallam Sullivan118231
Keith Ledson187201Steve Dunn11226