The Viking Festival 2019

The Upton Viking Festival is a celebration of Viking life on the Wirral. We aim to recreate the settlement, led by Noreseman Ingimund in 902ad through an encampment in Warwick Park and have culture events and competitions that both excite and engage the community.

The Longbow Club was privileged to be asked by the Friends of Warwick Park to put on a Have-a-Go session for this event and a big thank you is owed to the many club and associate members who gave up their weekend and helped to make this a spectacular day for people to remember.


Cheshire County and Open

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Day 1

A good first day for The Longbow Club represented by Steve and Alison Williams, Katrina Horton, Lord Ian Stowell and Mike Christison at the Cheshire Weekend. A WA1440 today and also the EAF Championships. Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow, 1st Lady Longbow EAF and overall Lady Longbow Winner, Alison Williams was 3rd Lady Longbow, Mike Christison was 3rd Gent Longbow.

Day 2

Cheshire Championships today and like yesterday 5 of us from The Longbow Club were taking part – Steve and Alison Williams, Katrina Horton, Lord Ian Stowell and Mike Christison . Rain and thunderstorms threatened but fortunately it all held off until we were waiting for the raffle – then the heavens opened!
Well done to Katrina who retained her trophy as the Cheshire Lady Longbow Champion again! Alison was 3rd Cheshire Lady Longbow and Ian was 2nd Cheshire Gents Longbow.
A wonderful time was had by all with lovely company and lots of laughs as usual. It was great to see Amanda Biddulph shooting again and winning the Ladies National round.


Dodleston Summer Fair

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A great day at Dodleston Summer Fair with the Longbow Club’s Have-a-go. Thanks to all the Club members who turned up to help and to make it such a success.

Feedback from the event:

Firstly thank you to you and your fellow archers for putting on a brilliant event on Saturday. The organisers said your professionalism was brilliant and added an extra dimension to the summer Festival. There will be a debriefing session shortly so please let me know if you any issues as I know for certain you will be invited back next year.
I do hope all the effort you put into the event paid off for you and the club. Many locals have said how much they enjoyed having a shoot.


165th GNAM Tournament

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Great 3 days at GNAM in Lilleshall, a double York/Hereford on Wednesday and Thursday and a Long National on the Friday. Wednesday was cloudy and a little chilly, but then Thursday and Friday brightened up although there was a tricky wind, particularly at the longer distances.

Great to meet old friends and make new ones. The Longbow Club was well represented again with Alison and Steve Williams, Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles and Lord Ian Stowell who had the honour of shooting the first arrow of the tournament, a whistling arrow. There was an excellent turnout of Cheshire Archers.

Lord Ian won the Hepburn Challenge Spoon for the worst white on the Last end and a Gilt Spider in the Double York

Katrina won a Gilt medal for the Ladies any Bowstyle Handicap Award in the Double Hereford

Alison won a Silver medal for the Ladies any Bowstyle Handicap Award in the Double Hereford and also achieved her second Master Bowman score, so just one more to go.


Dunster Week

Well, another fantastic week in Dunster draws to a close. Starting off last Sunday with a York/Hereford, Monday a WA1440, Tuesday an Albion, Wednesday a Two Way Western with 202 Longbow Archers, some in traditional costume, followed by a delicious cream tea. Thursday a Two Way Clout, Friday a Western, the Saturday and Sunday a Double York/Hereford.
Representing The Longbow Club this year were Alison and Steve Williams, Katrina Horton and Chris Eccles. A wonderful time was had by all, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. 
Katrina was 1st Lady Visitor in the Sunday Hereford, 3rd Lady Longbow in the WA1440, third Lady Longbow in the Albion, 1st Lady Longbow in the Two Way Clout and 2nd Lady Longbow Visitor in the Double Hereford.
All Chris got was tears in his eyes when the self Yew bow that Katrina made two years before, in memory of her Mum and Dad, snapped at full draw 😪

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Somerset County and Open

1st Lady Longbow

Great day at the Somerset and Open Championships. The weather was somewhat mixed with spells of bright sunshine, rain, heavy cloud, strong gusts of wind and flat calm.
It was nice to see people that we met and shot with at Dunster last year.
Katrina was 1st Lady Longbow Visitor and got her second GMB score, thus achieving her MB for this year.


New British Target Record!

Huge congratulations to one of our clubs associate junior members – Dan Moreton. He has just smashed the British record this weekend at the Blackpool shoot for a Metric II. The score to beat was 519 and his score was 555 we are all very proud of him – keep it up Dan!

Dan Moreton
New British Record


Coppell Cup 2019

Congratulations to all the members attending the Coppell Cup today, in memory of our fellow archer Brian Coppell. The day started chilly but the sun eventually showed itself.

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady shooting the York round, Ian Stowell was 1st Gent shooting the York round, Jason Lynch was 1st Gent shooting his first ever Hereford round. Dylan Higgs was first Junior shooting Bristol lll and Gabe Powell was first Junior shooting Bristol IV round and Mike O’Sullivan won the cabbage for the most greens.


Cheshire Trials 2019

A great day out at the Cheshire County Trials, Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow, Alison Williams 2nd Lady Longbow and Ian Stowell was 3rd Gent Longbow.

The Cheshire Longbow Team for the Tri-Corner Match will be Alison Williams, Mike Christison and Ruth Breeze.

The Cheshire Longbow Team for the Three Counties Match will be Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles and Steve Watts.


Spinners Mill Portsmouth

A great day at Spinners Mill for their Portsmouth tournament. A lovely venue, set in the heritage site of Leigh Spinners Mill, one of the largest cotton spinning mills in Greater Manchester, a grade 2 listed building that is still partly in use as a manufacturing mill.

The Longbow Club was out again looking for silverware and they did not disappoint with Katrina Horton taking 1st Lady Longbow, Ian Stowell 1st Gent Longbow and Chris Eccles 2nd Gent Longbow.