How much will it cost to take up archery?

When you have completed a Beginners’ course, your coaches will advise you on suitable equipment – do not buy equipment before starting a beginners’ course! A set of equipment for an archer can start from around £300. We would recommend going to good dealers to be correctly fitted up with your first archery kit. Do not buy equipment “unseen”, i.e. from the Internet etc.

You should join an archery club to ensure that you have insurance when you are shooting and, of course, somewhere to shoot safely.

The Longbow Club membership fees are based on the age of the person joining (adult or junior) and this includes membership of the club, Archery GB and affiliation to County and Regional Archery Associations.

Junior archers must be accompanied at all times by a parent or someone acting in the parent’s place, with their permission.

Can I shoot modern olympic recurve or compound bows with your club
No we are solely a traditional archery club embracing all traditional bow types such as English Longbow, American Flatbow, Hunter Recurve, Horsebows, Primitive etc