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Geoff Trimble Memorial Weekend – Day 2

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[one_third]Geoff Trimble Memorial Shoot - Day 2Geoff Trimble Memorial Shoot - Day 2[/one_third]


A great end to the Trimble Memorial Weekend with a traditional clout and the 1st World Flu-Flu Championships! Again the weather was much better than forecast with a lot of sunshine and literally a few drops of rain as we finished. A select few archers but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in quality – and fun and laughs!
Thanks to Colin Cavanagh for making the flu-flu arrows, everyone thought they were great. Maybe next time though we won’t let Chris Eccles set out the flu-flu field. With all the space we had, we wonder why he placed the flag in the middle of a nettle patch? Perhaps because he was the scorer and doing the adding up so was the only one not taking part in the flu-flu competition?
Gabe Powell won the Junior Clout trophy and the Longbow Club Junior Clout award and Josh was 2nd in the clout.
Alison Williams won the Ladies Clout trophy and the Longbow Club Ladies Clout award and Sue Price was 2nd in the clout.
Steve Williams won the Gents Clout trophy and the Longbow Club Gents Clout award, Phil Wain was 2nd and Graham Higgs was 3rd.
Steve Williams won the Trimble Trophy for the most points scored over the weekend.
Sue Price won the Flu-flu competition so is the current World Champion! Alison Williams was 2nd and Jason Powell was 3rd.
A great time with lovely company! Geoff would have been proud!