Shooting Rules

These are The Longbow Club’s general rules of shooting please make sure you read and understand them.

A Good Archer …

  • Does not talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting
  • Does not talk to another competitor who obviously prefers to be silent
  • Does not make any exclamation on the shooting line that might disconcert a neighbour in the act of shooting
  • Does not pull any arrows from the target before all arrows have been scored
  • Does not go behind the target before all arrows have been scored
  • Does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores
  • Does not leave the shooting line whilst the archer either side are at full draw
  • Does not touch anyone else’s equipment without permission
  • Does not leave litter
  • When calling scores does so in groups of three, for example 7-7-5 pause 5-5-3 by pointing at the nock end of  the arrows without touching them
  • If he breaks anothers’ arrow through his own carelessness pays for it in cash on the spot
  • Thanks the Target Captain at the end of each round for work on his behalf
  • If an Archer wishes to join another Target they must ask and not just barge in
  • When returning from the target you should not dawdle and keep everybody else waiting
  • Does not stand and watch everybody else get out and put away targets
  • Does not watch everybody else pull the arrows and do the scoring

Archery Safety

(a)   These bow safety rules apply to all archery disciplines.
(b)   Each member of the Society has a duty of care to ensure that his actions do not compromise the safety of himself or others.

(a)   No archer may draw his bow, with or without an arrow, except when standing at the shooting line or peg.  If an arrow is used, the archer shall aim toward the targets but only after being satisfied that the field is clear both in front of and behind the targets.
(b)   When drawing back the string of the bow an archer shall not use any technique which, in the opinion of the judges, could, if accidentally loosed, allow the arrow to fly beyond a safety zone or safety arrangements (overshoot area, net, wall, etc).  If an archer
persists in using such a technique, he will, in the interest of safety, be immediately asked by the Judge to stop shooting and to leave the area.
(c)    If anyone present where archery is taking place becomes aware that shooting should be halted for safety reasons, that person must call “FAST”.  On hearing this call, all archers must immediately stop shooting, returning all unshot arrows to the quiver.  If necessary, the call of “FAST” should be repeated by other archers to ensure that everyone has heard and stopped shooting.  Shooting will recommence only on the instruction of the Judge.
(d)   The Judge, in consultation with the appointed tournament organiser is empowered to require any individual who is considered to be jeopardising the safety of the tournament to immediately leave the shooting ground. This safety rule applies to all members also whilst shooting at the club either indoors or outdoors. A club committee member can ask any member to leave the shooting area, if in their opinion they are compromising the safety of themselves,the public or members of the club in any way. Consumption of alcohol prior to shooting would be one example of inacceptable behaviour.

Numbers Present
(a)   On the grounds there must be a minimum of two people present each being a minimum of 18 years of age when any shooting is in progress, one of whom may be a non-archer to act as a lookout.  The archer is responsible to inform the lookout of all safety aspects applicable.  Where two adult archers are present and shooting together they will alternate on the shooting line so that the non-shooting archer can act as the lookout.
(b)   A warning notice must be displayed at all entrances and points of access and all gates to the field locked on entry.
(c)   Juniors  When junior archers (ie archers under 18) are shooting individually or in groups they must be supervised by an adult member (excluding honorary members) of the Society.



Our field at Ridgway allows us to be able to shoot target rounds and clout on the same field. It is paramount that when setting up targets that the Foam Targets are set up to the left side of the field starting 20m in from the fence at your required set distance from the shooting line. Set out your longest distance target on the left side and shortest to the right. ALL archers must shoot from the same shooting line. Clout targets are to be set out as far right as possible with at least 70yds between the last target and first clout flag. All archers are to stand directly in front of their targets – there is to be no cross shooting from clout to target and vice versa. Target archers and clout archers if shooting at the same time on the field will each need a line captain using verbal commands (no whistles). As this is a School Field there can be no ‘lost arrows’ so please make sure you count your arrows in your quiver prior to shooting and any arrows lost in the grass are found before leaving the field. f using 3D targets they must be set out in the area for foam targets again with longest distances to the left.