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Courtesy of Craig Barrett

One Exposure

Autumn Poulton Rove

23rd October 2022

Registration 09.30. First Arrows 10.30

Poulton Hall, Poulton Road,
Poulton, Wirral CH63 9LN

Period Costume – Optional

Class 1: Longbows

  • Heavy: 45lb and over @28″ draw length
  • Light: 31lb to 44lb @26 to 28″ draw length
  • Ultra-Light: 30lb and under @26″ draw length

Class 2: Traditional Bows

(includes Horse Bows, Flat Bows, Traditional Recurve etc.)

Feather Fletched Wooden Arrows Only
NO sighting aids allowed

4th Poulton Hall Rove - April 2022

Comments Received

  …a well organised Rove as always – well done everyone

  …another enjoyable event, very well organised as usual. Thanks!

  …I am just grateful for you all putting on the event and the very welcome homemade soups and cakes. You all deserve a pat on the back. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

  …First rove I’ve ever topped the list so pretty chuffed.

  …A very big thank you to you and your colleagues for arranging an excellent and enjoyable Rove yesterday. Look forward to the next one.

  …Thanks for an excellent day out today.  Looking forward to your next shoot.

…just to say thank you for the shoot today. It was great fun, despite the glue failure on my arrow points

Thank you to all Club members and their families who helped make this, our Spring Rove a great success, especially, Sarah for the homemade soup, Alison for the flapjacks and Katrina for the cakes.

We would also like to thank our fellow archers who travelled from near and far to join us. The weather was almost as good as the company, the banter and fun that was had by everyone.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to our 5th Rove October 23rd 2022

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About Us

The Longbow Club is a friendly traditional only archery club based in Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside. We concentrate on all types of traditional archery from English Longbow, American Flatbow, Hunter recurve to horsebows and have firm links to The Longbow Shop. We don’t allow modern olympic recurve or compound bows in the club.

As well as having four Archery GB qualified coaches, our members consist of both male and female archers with seniors and juniors competing in Archery GB indoor and outdoor tournaments. Some of our senior archers represent the club in the winter Cheshire leagues.

In addition to Archery GB membership some of our members are also associated with National Field Archery Society (NFAS), English War Bow Society (EWBS), British Long Bow Society (BLBS) and are actively encouraged to shoot all forms of traditional archery.