5th Yorkshire Clout Weekend

Day 2

More medals today Katrina Horton 1st Lady Visitor Longbow and Chris Eccles 2nd Gent Visitor Longbow at the Yorkshire Clout. A great time was had by all especially as Steve Williams and Chris Eccles both won a bottle of wine in the raffle. Alison Williams managed to get a score both in the morning and in the afternoon sessions! Ok so it was only 1 arrow in the afternoon but at least it scored 3!

5th Yorkshire Clout Weekend

Day 1

Better weather today at the clout at Driffield. Alison actually got a score today! Well done to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady Longbow and Chris Eccles, 3rd Gent Longbow. 

Chris Eccles also split the flag pole on the first scoring end, but it wasn’t enough to take best clout.

Yorkshire Spring Clout


Great to be back at clout today at York, meeting up with old friends. A very challenging headwind made it quite difficult, especially for Alison as none of her arrows reached the scoring zone, but Katrina came away with a nice bit of bling as 2nd Lady Longbow.

Thank you to York Archers for putting on the event and the very welcoming, super tasty chill and tacos that was put on for lunch

Poulton Hall Spring Rove

A brilliant day roving with the Longbow Club. A bit chilly in the morning but the sun eventually came out and everyone had a great time. Delicious cakes from Nina, super soup from Sarah and flapjacks from Alison. Thank you to everyone that attended and to the members of The Longbow Club for all the effort to put on such a great day.

…a well organised Rove as always – well done everyone

…another enjoyable event, very well organised as usual. Thanks!

…I am just grateful for you all putting on the event and the very welcome homemade soups and cakes. You all deserve a pat on the back. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

…First rove I’ve ever topped the list so pretty chuffed.

…A very big thank you to you and your colleagues for arranging an excellent and enjoyable Rove yesterday. Look forward to the next one.

…Thanks for an excellent day out today.  Looking forward to your next shoot.

…just to say thank you for the shoot today. It was great fun, despite the glue failue on my arrow points


Kendal Longbow Western

A fabulous day at the Kendal Longbow Western although numbers were down due to a flu outbreak.

Could not have asked for nicer weather as the sun shone all day. A huge thank you to Tony and Lorraine for all their hard work ensuring the event went ahead as planned.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady, Helen Horsley for the most greens, Sarah Davenall for the most hits, Dave Whitham 1st Gent and winner of the Wand and to Chris Eccles, 2nd Gent.

Unbelievable Rove...

A great day roving at Poulton Hall with lovely company. The thick fog didn’t help much, especially at the pond where Alison decided she was going to ‘Kill the pond’, which she did in true Longbow style.

The thick fog and the eerie quietness made for an unbelievable end of year Rove.

Poulton Hall - Shoot to the Marks - October 2021

Comments Received

Just a short note to thank you and all your ‘team’ for organising such a great day.  Vic and I were really pleased to have taken part and look forward to hearing about the ones you hope to organise next year.  We returned to our hotel, tired but happy- once again, thanks for a really great day.

Thank you again for all yours and the teams efforts. I would say it was a resounding success and Karen and I look forward to your next one

Wow! Best. Day’s. Rove. Evar!

Thanks Chris and to all the team, it was a great day. Very entertaining and challenging, well managed, and fun. Thanks again- Andy

Thank you for an excellent day Roving, great course and great organisation. It was so nice to finally get a few arrows away and spend the day with you all

Many thanks for this. It was a super day out and I’m looking forward to your next Rove. Hopefully by then I will be able to pull a few more pounds.

I am disappointed I wasn’t able to shoot this afternoon but nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed the morning shoot. Thank you to you, Katrina and all your colleagues for an excellent day’s shooting. I look forward to news of your event in February. 

A brilliant time at the Longbow Club’s Rove at Poulton Hall. Great to see old friends after such a long time. Thanks to Chris Eccles and Pete Price for laying out such a great course and to everyone who helped to make it such a wonderful day!

An awesome gathering of likeminded friends today – was fantastic to see everyone together again! Thank you to everyone for organising a brilliant shoot.

Flodden Marks

A fantastic turnout not only for the Flodden Marks, but also for The Longbow Club. Represented by Sarah, Colin and Ben Cavanagh, Sue and Pete Price, Josh MacLaren, Katrina Horton and Chris Eccles.

The weather was reasonable and the 14 Marks, quite challenging. Congratulations to Sue Price, the overall victor, collecting the Sword of Flodden. Sue was also the winner of the Lightweight Bow Class with Josh coming second and Katrina third. Ben Cavanagh was the winner in the Ultra Light Bow class 

A huge thank you to Jason and his team for a fabulous day.

Sword of Shrewsbury

Congratulations to Katrina Horton on winning the Ladies Sword of Shrewsbury for the second year in a row.

The Longbow club was represented by Lady Paramount Ann Ledson, and archers Katrina Horton, Keith Ledson and Chris Eccles.

Ann and Katrina cooked bacon baps for breakfast and Ann cooked burgers for lunch. A great day was had by all and the weather was glorious.

Lancashire Clout

A great day at Blundellsands for the Lancashire Clout. Very hot and a headwind made for tricky shooting but great fun. Katrina Horton was 1st Visitor Lady Longbow Alison Williams was 2nd; Chris Eccleswas 3rd Visitor Gents Longbow; Chris and Katrina won the Longbow Team trophy; Steve Williams enjoyed the day despite having to be constantly reminded to wear his hat (it was a long walk for Alison to remind him as his phone was on silent and he was on target 7 and Alison was on target 1).
A couple of Chinooks flew over the field to have a look; a marsh harrier flew past; and Steve spotted kestrel chickes in a nearby building. So lots to see even if scores weren’t very high today.

Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout...

Day 2

Typical Penrith weather again. The forecast said moderate breeze from over right shoulder – no it wasn’t, it was a light headwind in the morning. Until walking back from about the 4th end Alison realised that the wind had gone round 180 degrees and was now from behind us! The forecast earlier in the week had said we would be baking in 23+ degrees plus full sunshine but fortunately that was wrong too – it was comfortable at about 19 deg and cloudy until the sun came out at the end of the presentations.
No bling today but Alison did manage to skewer the flag again – at least this time it was on a scoring end, not sighters!
The whole weekend was great fun and it was lovely to see old friends again.

Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout...

Day 1

A great day at Penrith for the first day of the Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout. Only a one-way Imperial Clout today instead of an Imperial plus a Metric due to COVID. It was lovely to be back with old friends after such a long time. The weather was a bit chilly in the morning but it was dry all day and the sun came out. The weather forecast said it was a gentle breeze but it wasn’t – at least it was from behind us otherwise Alison’s arrows would never have scored!
The Longbow Club did well again! Steve won the eagle for 1st Gent Longbow and Chris was 2nd. Nina was 2nd Lady Longbow, and Alison skewered the flag – unfortunately on afternoon sighters!

Team Longbow does it again...

A great day at the Cheshire Metric Clout. A bit chilly in the morning but lovely and sunny in the afternoon, although a tricky wind (as usual!). We won the Longbow Team Trophy again, Nina won the Ladies Longbow trophy and Alison was second. Chris was 6th and Steve 8th. Good to see old friends and be back at clout after so long.

Another perfect day to indulge...

What a glorious day to be roaming around fields filled with buttercups, shooting arrows into crystal clear blue skies, getting nowhere near the mark even though you put them out and know the distance.

A very enjoyable day with great company and some great banter, then home for a well deserved drink and try and get the yellow pollen off the boots and clothes.

Just when you thought the vandalism was over...

Congratulations Katrina Horton on the piercing of The Red Dragon, the last mark of a superb day. Although the numbers were smaller than usual, everyone enjoyed the day, and basically that is more important that any damage done to the marks.

It was also great to see the juniors taking part and enjoying the day, and yes they were getting their arrows, all bar one, over that tree! 

We know where it is, now we just need a strong wind to make it fall to the ground. Hopefully we will be able to pick it up through the week or even at the weekend.

Nothing that a bit of filler won't fix...

Hope this does not happen too often as they take quite a while to paint in the first place, but congratulations to Gabe Powell for putting an arrow into ‘Boar’s Head’ from a distance of 135 paces. Now all I have to do is get the wood filler our and a paint touch-up. 

All in all a wonderful afternoon with a great crew putting arrows into the sky, not knowing quite where they will drop…. 

……especially if you have been told by a fellow archer that the mark that has just been described, is pointed out to you off to the right and about 300 yds from the shooting line 😉

Thank you to everyone that participated, it is such great fun to shoot with you all.

Longbow Club success at Covid-19 Trial Clout

Congratulations to Steve Williams, 1st Gent Longbow, Katrina Horton, 2nd Lady Longbow and Alison Williams, 3rd Lady Longbow at the much awaited return of competitive archery.

Neston Company of Archers ran a trial clout competition to see how Covid-19 restrictions would affect competitive archery.

Whilst the strong winds and heavy rain affected everyone, the event itself under strict guidelines from the organisers was a huge success. Unfortunately, due to the guidelines, there could be no presentation after the event, but awards will be posted out.

Many thanks to Peter Gregory and Tracy Cross-Hargreaves and to the members of Neston Company of Archers for all their hard work enabling the event to take place.

A welcome return to normality....well almost.

Nice to be shooting outdoors again

It was nice to get out shooting again as The Longbow Club, and doing a Traditional Clout. It was nice to meet up with members we have not seen in twelve months, but also to welcome new member Luca Powell who has not shot with the club before let alone a clout!

To be fair, he did a pretty good job on the mini rove as well!