AOER 10th Weekend of Clout

Great fun at the Archers of East Riding Clout Weekend. A lot of laughs and great company. A good turn out for The Longbow Club – Steve and Alison Williams, Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles, Lord Ian Stowell and Jason Lynch.

Day 1

An Imperial round today, supposed to be a light wind but it was surprisingly tricky for everyone.
We nearly had a clean sweep for longbows! Alison was 1st Lady; Katrina was 2nd Lady; Ian was 1st Gent and Steve was 2nd Gent. And a longbow archer, (Hamish Freeman), won Best Clout!
Weather forecast not so good for tomorrow’s Metric – a bit of rain and stronger winds – back to normal!

Day 2

Well we thought yesterday was a tricky wind at the Archers of East Riding Clout Weekend – that was before today’s howling gale! Judge said you could tell how bad it was when 9 archers were “blown off the line”, 5 of them on one end!

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow, Alison Williams was 2nd Lady Longbow and Ian Stowell was 1st Gent Longbow. Katrina Horton and Chris Eccles won the Jack and Jill award.

A huge thank you to Archers of East Riding for such a special weekend, maybe drop the wind next year and order some sunshine, but other than that a great weekend was had by all.