Chris Eccles

7th Poulton Hall Rove

I would like to thank the members of The Longbow Club and everyone who attended the 7th Poulton Hall Rove.

We could not have asked for better weather, even escaping most of the rain that started just after the shoot. We hope that you enjoyed the day and look forward to welcoming you all back in April for the Geoff Trimble Memorial Rove.

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Flodden Marks

A fantastic day Roving with friends old and new at the annual Battle of Flodden Rove.

The Longbow Club was well supported with Jason, Gabe and Luca Powell, Mike O’Sullivan, Katrina Horton and Chris Eccles.

Congratulations to Luca Powell, 2nd Junior, Katrina Horton, 3rd Lady, Lee Ankers overall winner of The sword of Flodden.

A huge thank you Jason Stokes and his team for a fabulous days roving. We look forward to joining you all again next year.

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Eagle Bowmen Clout Weekend

A great weekend of Clout with Eagle Bowmen. The weather was fabulous, although lightening was forecast for the Sunday, we managed to avoid it.

A big thank you to Chris Battersby and the team for a well organised weekend.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady Longbow on the Saturday along with Diane Jobson, 2nd Lady Longbow and Tracy Cross, 3rd Lady Longbow, and to  Richard Powell, 1st Gent Longbow and Chris Eccles 2nd Gent Longbow and Roland Carghill, 3rd Gent Longbow.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady Longbow on the Sunday along with Elaine Jobson, 2nd Lady Longbow and Tracy Cross, 3rd Lady Longbow. Also to Richard Powell, 1st Gent Longbow, Martin Leonard 2nd Gent Longbow and Chris Eccles, 3rd Gent Longbow.

Katrina was also the overall Longbow Champion.

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AOER Weekend of Clout

Another great weekend shooting at Archers of East Riding. Thank you to Mark and the team for all their hard work. 

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady Longbow, Elaine Jobson, 2nd Lady Longbow and best clout of the day on the Saturday. Yes! Longbow gets Best Clout. Congratulations also to Tracy Cross 3rd Lady Longbow.

For the Sunday shoot, congratulations to Tracy Cross, 1st Lady Longbow, Elaine Jobson, 2nd Lady Longbow and Katrina Horton, 3rd Lady Longbow. 

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YAA Clout Weekend

Superb weekend at Archers of East Riding, Driffield for the Yorkshire Archery Metric Clout and County Clout Championships.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 3rd Lady Longbow on the Saturday and 1st Lady Longbow Visitor on the Sunday, and to Chris Eccles 2nd Gent Longbow on the Saturday and Steve Williams, 3rd Gent Longbow on the Sunday.

A big thank you to Archers of East Riding for their support and the use of their ground.

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Yorkshire Clout

A wonderful day at the York Clout today, the weather was fantastic. It was great to get together with friends again after what seemed to be an absolute age.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady Longbow, Tracy Cross, 2nd Lady Longbow, Diane Jobson, 3rd Lady Longbow.

Thank you to Mark Hayes and his team for a great day

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6th Poulton Hall Rove

Another great day at the 6th Poulton Hall Rove. Thank you to everyone that came along and supported us, we hope that you thouroughly enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you for our next Rove on 29th October 2023.

A huge thank you to all the club members for your help and support, especially Alison for the flapjacks, Katrina for her cakes, Ann for making teas, coffees and soups, Mike and Barbara for the sandwiches and to Colin, Steve, Dave and Mike for helping me set out what turned out to be a fairly challenging course, especially at the pond. 

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Sandon Hall Rove

A great day with The Shire Bowmen at their Rove on the Sandon Hall Estate, Stafford. 

A really beautiful venue and a great course, courtesy of Amanda Smith, Dave Burnett and the Shire team.

A good turnout with about 65 archers in total, 6 of those representing The Longbow Club.

Congratulations to Sarah Cavanagh, 3nd Light Longbow, Katrina Horton, 2nd Light Longbow and Ben Cavanagh, 1st Junior Longbow.

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Shropshire County Clout & Open

A great day at the Shropshire County Clout and Open held at The British Ironworks in Oswestry.

The wind was very blustery but not as bad as last year when we had to stop shooting at lunchtime.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady Longbow Visitor and to Chris Eccles, 1st Gent Longbow Visitor.

Thank you to all from Croesoswallt Archers for an excellent day.

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Poulton Hall – Autumn Rove

A fantastic day at Poulton Hall for The Longbow Clubs’ Autumn Rove.

The weather was forecast rain until lunchtime, then brighten up, but then a downpour around 3pm. However, we got some drizzle in the morning as we assembled but then it cleared and the sun came out and it stayed dry all day.

Thank you to the members for all their help and support in making the day so enjoyable. Thank you to Alison for the flapjacks and to Katrina for the cakes.

But the biggest thank you is to all the archers who attended. without you, this event events would not be possible.

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