Dunster Week

Well, another fantastic week in Dunster draws to a close. Starting off last Sunday with a York/Hereford, Monday a WA1440, Tuesday an Albion, Wednesday a Two Way Western with 202 Longbow Archers, some in traditional costume, followed by a delicious cream tea. Thursday a Two Way Clout, Friday a Western, the Saturday and Sunday a Double York/Hereford.
Representing The Longbow Club this year were Alison and Steve Williams, Katrina Horton and Chris Eccles. A wonderful time was had by all, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. 
Katrina was 1st Lady Visitor in the Sunday Hereford, 3rd Lady Longbow in the WA1440, third Lady Longbow in the Albion, 1st Lady Longbow in the Two Way Clout and 2nd Lady Longbow Visitor in the Double Hereford.
All Chris got was tears in his eyes when the self Yew bow that Katrina made two years before, in memory of her Mum and Dad, snapped at full draw 😪

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