Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout

A fantastic weekend in Penrith for the Eagle Bowmen Weekend of Clout. Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles, Alison and Steve Williams and Lord Ian Stowell representing The Longbow Club. A Double One-way Imperial Clout and Double Metric Clout on Saturday, then Double 2-way Imperial Clout today.

The conditions were very challenging – a lot of rain and breezy yesterday, then a very tricky wind today, but The Longbow Club triumphed!

Katrina won the Ladies Longbow 1-way and 2-way Imperials, was 2nd in the Ladies Longbow Metric and won the Eagle Trophy for Champion Longbow Archer.

Alison won the Ladies Metric Longbow, the Senior Best Clout in the Metric and was 2nd in the Ladies 1-way Imperial.

Ian won the Gents Longbow 1-way and 2-way Imperials and the Gents Longbow Metric.

Steve was 2nd Gents Longbow 1-way Imperial, 3rd Gent Longbow Metric, 2nd Gents Longbow 2-way Imperial.

Chris was 3rd Gents Longbow 2-way Imperial.

So everyone got medals and a lot of very heavy trophies!
Katrina also got a GMB score today in the 2-way Imperial, giving her a GMB classification!

Well done to us all! And not only that but it was great fun too. Great to see so many friends again at such a well-run shoot. A lot of laughs every day and Connor was a brilliant Lord Paramount!

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