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Poulton Hall Estate – Shooting the Marks, Speed & Cloth of Gold

Join us for a weekend of longbow fun at Poulton Hall Estate, Bromborough to enjoy Shooting the Marks, Speed Shoot and Cloth of Gold set within one of the North West’s most stunning historical locations.

Saturday October 13: (tuition available if needed)

Registration 12:30 – 1:30
Shooting the Marks, longbows only, no sighters or aiming devices


Online entry available

Sunday October 14: (tuition available if needed)

Registration 9:00 – 10:00
10:30 – Shooting the Marks, longbows only, no aiming devices
1:00 – Lunch (hot food and drinks available to purchase)
2:00 – Shooting the Marks, Speed & Cloth of Gold longbows only, no sighters or aiming devices

Poulton Hall is a 17th century grade2 listed country house, with the present hall built in 1653 and extended in the following centuries. Below the present house are cellars some of which date back to the previous house in 1350 and these in turn are built from the stones of the Castle which dates back to 1093 the time when Scirard De Lancelyn was first given the land following the Norman conquest of 1066.

More stones from the castle serve as the foundations of an outbuilding which the present Scirard Lancelyn Green calls the ‘Millenium Barn’ and has offered for us to use freely for the shoot registration, refreshment breaks and presentations!

The former castle also stood on what the majority of experts accept as the site of the Battle of Brunanburh (Bromborough) which took place in late 937, this was a major and decisive battle between the West Saxon and Mercian army and a joint alliance army of British, Scots and Vikings led by Olaf Guthfrithson. The Anglo Saxon army led by Ethelstan and Edmund I defeated, pursued and destroyed the Viking allied army and it is now seen as the greatest single battle in Anglo Saxon history next to Hastings and also as one of the most significant in the history of the British Isles.

The present Scirard Lancelyn Green is the eldest son of the late Roger Lancelyn Green who was a famous british Biographer and children’s author who studied under CS Lewis whilst at Oxford. He later became very good friends with CS Lewis and his wife and holidayed with them regularly and was responsible for suggesting to Lewis that he call the stories that CS had began writing in the late 1940’s ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’!

Roger Lancelyn Green himself wrote many biographies and novels including ‘King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table’, ‘Myths of the Norsemen’ and ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ There are many sculptures and statues in the gardens of Poulton Hall reflecting his works, including an oak sculpture of Robin Hood hiding in an oak tree with his Longbow!


Crosby Hall Estate Mark and clout shoot

Welcome to the North West’s only Mark and two-way clout weekend to be hosted and run by The Longbow Club in affiliation with the ILAA (International Longbow Archers Association). If you shoot the english longbow you don’t want to miss this one – [if not you can hire one!] A truly traditional shoot for English Longbows only using the aiming and ranging traditions as practised into the 16th Century.

Shooting Venue – Crosby Hall Estate (CHET Centre)

Crosby Hall has been the manorial home of the Blundell family, lords of the manor of Little Crosby since medieval times and remains so to this day. It lies close to the city of Liverpool in the region of Merseyside and is a Grade II* listed building.

Shoot registration is £9.00 per person, per day – DOWNLOAD ENTRY FORM HERE

This can be paid via Paypal here on our website or Cheque/Cash (cheques made payable to The Longbow Club)

n order to shoot this event you will need ILAA membership and insurance at a cost of £8 per year. Membership will need to be shown on the day. You can get your membership here: or pay £10 on the day.


Shoot Details

Saturday 17th September

Registration before 13.45hrs to start at 14.00pm

14.00 – Two way clout shooting at traditional roundel targets.

18.30 – 2-course Archers Supper at £10 per head inc talk (book direct with CHET Centre).
Mr Bryan Mooyaart (Captain of The Fraternity of St George) will be giving a talk on the ‘History of Shooting at the Marks’ following the meal.

Cost for this days shoot is £9.00
You can pay via Paypal using the button above or by Cheque/Cash (all cheques made out to The Longbow Club)


Sunday 18th September

Registration before 10.15hrs to start at 10.30am

10.30 – Shooting at the Marks (Artillery Shoot)

13.00 – 2-course meal at £10 per head (book direct with CHET Centre)

14.00 to 15.00 – shooting at speed with presentations to follow.

Cost for this days shoot is £9.00
You can pay via Paypal or by Cheque/Cash (all cheques made out to The Longbow Club)



For a small fee of £12 the ILAA offers 1hr tuition and also bow rental at £18 Sat & £25 Sun prior to the shoot. Juniors up to age 16 bow rental is free of charge. Book in here:


Where to stay

We have secured a great deal with Crosby Hall Estate for archers to stay overnight at a cost of £20pp which includes breakfast. Accommodation is in bedrooms with bunk beds sleeping 1/4/6 people.

Book direct with CHET Centre no later than 1 week before the event| T. 0151 924 9099 |


  • Sleeps 1 £20
  • Sleeps 4 £80
  • Sleeps 6 £120


  • Scouse (with red cabbage & crusty roll)
  • Chilli (with rice)
  • Curry and Rice
  • Jacket spuds + various fillings
  • All plus salad bowl


  • Fruit crumble and cream
  • Scone, cream and jam
  • Chocolate cake


The Longbow Club is based in the North West and is a not-for-profit traditional archery club affiliated with Archery GB and the ILAA. The Longbow Shop will be onsite with a range of bows for display and sale throughout the weekend

The ILAA seeks to lower the threshold of entry into the sport of longbow archery and to assist the safe organisation of insured traditional longbow shooting. It covers all the aiming and ranging traditions of the longbow as practised into the 16th Century. It seeks to inform archers and other interested parties of their history and of requisite best practise. It encourages historic research into the traditional forms of shooting in all countries where it took place as a form of training and/or in battle