CAA’s Metric Clout

A great day at the Cheshire Metric Clout for The Longbow Club. Katrina Horton was the Cheshire Lady Longbow Champion and Alison Williams was 2nd; Chris Eccles was the Cheshire Gents Longbow Champion and Steve Williams was 3rd; Katrina, Alison and Chris won the Longbow Team Trophy.
Helen Horsley was 1st Lady Visitor Longbow and got her first GMB score.
A lovely day with friends and we had podiums to stand on too!

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Coppell Cup

An excellent day at the Coppell Cup after the two year break due to COVID restrictions.

it was great to meet up with friends old and new to celebrate the life of Brian Coppell.

The round shot was a York, and whilst the weather was beautiful, there was the occasional gust of wind, usually just as you released your arrow.

Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow and Chris Eccles was 2nd Gent Longbow and also won the Most Golds Melon.

A huge thank you to Wrexham Bowmen for a terrific day which was enjoyed by everyone attending.

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5th Yorkshire Clout Weekend

Day 2

More medals today Katrina Horton 1st Lady Visitor Longbow and Chris Eccles 2nd Gent Visitor Longbow at the Yorkshire Clout. A great time was had by all especially as Steve Williams and Chris Eccles both won a bottle of wine in the raffle. Alison Williams managed to get a score both in the morning and in the afternoon sessions! Ok so it was only 1 arrow in the afternoon but at least it scored 3!

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Yorkshire Spring Clout

Great to be back at clout today at York, meeting up with old friends. A very challenging headwind made it quite difficult, especially for Alison as none of her arrows reached the scoring zone, but Katrina came away with a nice bit of bling as 2nd Lady Longbow.

Thank you to York Archers for putting on the event and the very welcoming, super tasty chill and tacos that was put on for lunch

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Poulton Hall Spring Rove

A brilliant day roving with the Longbow Club. A bit chilly in the morning but the sun eventually came out and everyone had a great time. Delicious cakes from Nina, super soup from Sarah and flapjacks from Alison. Thank you to everyone that attended and to the members of The Longbow Club for all the effort to put on such a great day.

…a well organised Rove as always – well done everyone

…another enjoyable event, very well organised as usual. Thanks!

…I am just grateful for you all putting on the event and the very welcome homemade soups and cakes. You all deserve a pat on the back. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

…First rove I’ve ever topped the list so pretty chuffed.

…A very big thank you to you and your colleagues for arranging an excellent and enjoyable Rove yesterday. Look forward to the next one.

…Thanks for an excellent day out today.  Looking forward to your next shoot.

…just to say thank you for the shoot today. It was great fun, despite the glue failue on my arrow points


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Kendal Longbow Western

A fabulous day at the Kendal Longbow Western although numbers were down due to a flu outbreak.

Could not have asked for nicer weather as the sun shone all day. A huge thank you to Tony and Lorraine for all their hard work ensuring the event went ahead as planned.

Congratulations to Katrina Horton, 1st Lady, Helen Horsley for the most greens, Sarah Davenall for the most hits, Dave Whitham 1st Gent and winner of the Wand and to Chris Eccles, 2nd Gent.

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