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Lancashire Clout

A great day at Blundellsands for the Lancashire Clout. Very hot and a headwind made for tricky shooting but great fun. Katrina Horton was 1st Visitor Lady Longbow and Alison Williams was 2nd; Chris Eccles was 3rd Visitor Gents Longbow; Chris and Katrina won the Longbow Team trophy; Steve Williams enjoyed the day despite having to be reminded to wear his hat (it was a long walk for Alison to remind him as his phone was on silent and he was on target 7 and Alison was on target 1).
A couple of Chinooks flew over the field to have a look; a marsh harrier flew past; and Steve spotted kestrel chicks in a nearby building. So lots to see even if scores weren’t very high today.

Team Longbow does it again…

A great day at the Cheshire Metric Clout. A bit chilly in the morning but lovely and sunny in the afternoon, although a tricky wind (as usual!). We won the Longbow Team Trophy again, Nina won the Ladies Longbow trophy and Alison was second. Chris was 6th and Steve 8th. Good to see old friends and be back at clout after so long.

Another perfect day to indulge

What a glorious day to be roaming around fields filled with buttercups, shooting arrows into crystal clear blue skies, getting nowhere near the mark even though you put them out and know the distance.

A very enjoyable day with great company and some great banter, then home for a well deserved drink and try and get the yellow pollen off the boots and clothes.

Sword of Shrewsbury

What a fabulous day shooting at The Sword of Shrewsbury. Chris, Keith and myself made the journey to Shropshire.
How wonderful to have a bit of normality back into life, albeit with Covid security in place. It was wonderful to see and shoot with friends not seen for a very long time. The weather was glorious, the shooting wonderful and seeing friends heart warming.
We started with the BLBS clout, tricky wind behind going one way and not only into your face the other but uphill as well. The National shoot in the afternoon, again 2 way with that wind blustering at times but don’t you just love a challenge.
Thank you so much to Bowbrook Archers for their hospitality and friendliness. I was very surprised and really chuffed to come away winning the ladies clout and having highest number of hits at the national and taking that sought after overall win for the ladies, The Ladies Dagger. Chris got the highest score for the gents and between us we got 3 of the beautiful crystal glasses that are awarded to the winners.
We had so much fun and enjoyment as did everyone that took part. Just nice to feel part of the archery community again.

Cheshire Tri-Clout

Day 3

Another day of perfect weather for Day 3 of the Tri Clout, light winds, sunshine, not too hot. Should have been the Metric today, the Cheshire and Open FITA Clout Championships. All it is missing is archers. The Longbow Club has won the Longbow Team Trophy for the last 3 years. Hopefully we can retain it next year.

The Viking Festival 2019

The Upton Viking Festival is a celebration of Viking life on the Wirral. We aim to recreate the settlement, led by Noreseman Ingimund in 902ad through an encampment in Warwick Park and have culture events and competitions that both excite and engage the community.

The Longbow Club was privileged to be asked by the Friends of Warwick Park to put on a Have-a-Go session for this event and a big thank you is owed to the many club and associate members who gave up their weekend and helped to make this a spectacular day for people to remember.


Cheshire County and Open

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Day 1

A good first day for The Longbow Club represented by Steve and Alison Williams, Katrina Horton, Lord Ian Stowell and Mike Christison at the Cheshire Weekend. A WA1440 today and also the EAF Championships. Katrina Horton was 1st Lady Longbow, 1st Lady Longbow EAF and overall Lady Longbow Winner, Alison Williams was 3rd Lady Longbow, Mike Christison was 3rd Gent Longbow.

Day 2

Cheshire Championships today and like yesterday 5 of us from The Longbow Club were taking part – Steve and Alison Williams, Katrina Horton, Lord Ian Stowell and Mike Christison . Rain and thunderstorms threatened but fortunately it all held off until we were waiting for the raffle – then the heavens opened!
Well done to Katrina who retained her trophy as the Cheshire Lady Longbow Champion again! Alison was 3rd Cheshire Lady Longbow and Ian was 2nd Cheshire Gents Longbow.
A wonderful time was had by all with lovely company and lots of laughs as usual. It was great to see Amanda Biddulph shooting again and winning the Ladies National round.


Lancashire County and Open Clout

A great turnout by The Longbow Club at the Lancashire County and Open Clout at Blundellsands – 10 of us! Graham and Dylan Higgs, Jason and Gabe Powell, Alison and Steve Williams, Mike O’Sullivan, Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles, and Phil Wain.

An Imperial round and no rain for a change but the usual tricky wind at Blundellsands. Lots of trophies, medals, records and raffle prizes today. As it was a Lancashire County competition we were Visitors today. 
1st Junior Longbow – Gabe
2nd Junior Longbow – Dylan
Junior Best Clout – Gabe
1st Lady Longbow – Alison
1st Gent Longbow – Chris
2nd Gent Longbow – Steve
3rd Gent Longbow – Katrina, shooting the longer distance of 180 yards.
Not only did she come 3rd against the Gents but she smashed the Lady Longbow National Records for both the Single and Double Imperial Clout!
Gent Best Clout – Chris
Longbow Team Trophy – Chris & Alison
And Phil and Gabe got their Black Tassels!

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Dodleston Summer Fair

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A great day at Dodleston Summer Fair with the Longbow Club’s Have-a-go. Thanks to all the Club members who turned up to help and to make it such a success.

Feedback from the event:

Firstly thank you to you and your fellow archers for putting on a brilliant event on Saturday. The organisers said your professionalism was brilliant and added an extra dimension to the summer Festival. There will be a debriefing session shortly so please let me know if you any issues as I know for certain you will be invited back next year.
I do hope all the effort you put into the event paid off for you and the club. Many locals have said how much they enjoyed having a shoot.



Cumbria and Open Clout


A brilliant weekend for the Longbow Club at Penrith for the Cumbria Open Metric Clout with Steve and Alison Willaims, Katrina Horton, Chris Eccles and Lord Ian Stowell taking part. Lots of laughs and lovely company as usual. Great to be shooting without waterproofs for a change!
Katrina was 1st Lady Longbow and achieved her Grand Master Bowman.
Alison was 3rd Lady Longbow
Ian was 1st Gent Longbow
Chris was 3rd Gent Longbow


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